Furnace Parts Replacement

When your heating system begins to malfunction and your home begins to turn from a warm cozy paradise to a frozen castleyou know it is time to have your furnace serviced. Instead of having to go through the financial strain of a unit replacement, Superior Comfort offers heater parts replacement to get your system back up and running.

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Replacement Parts Offered

It is understandable that not everyone shares our enthusiasm when it comes to HVAC systems. It is important to know what kind of parts are in your heater so that you understand what is being done to your unit when you ask for repairs. Here is just a run down of the replacement parts we offer at Superior Comfort.

HVAC Hot Surface Igniter Replacement

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An Example of a Surface Igniter at Work.

A hot surface igniter is in charge of igniting the gas flames when the unit is started up. Like a light bulb, the igniter eventually cracks, which in the system no longer starting up properly. Most hot surface igniters are universal, meaning they can fit into any unit. They typically last you around 3-5 years.

HVAC Blower and Inducer Motor Replacement

The blower in your HVAC unit is responsible for delivering the air around your home. An inducer motor and your blower work hand in hand. While the blower allows air to travel around your duct, the inducer motor ensures that any trapped hot air or gas moves away from the system, keeping your unit from overheating.

HVAC Pressure Switch Replacement

When it comes to security, your HVAC system is built to stop at the first signs of a potentially fatal situation. The pressure switch within your system is the first line of defense for your HVAC system. When the vents becomes obstructed, your filter is dirty, or a condensing coil begins to fail, the switch opens up telling the system that danger is afoot and to shut off.

HVAC Circuit Control Board Replacement

Circuit control boards in your furnace are the brain behind the operation. It helps tell your furnace when to set off the hot surface igniter, the gas valve, and for gas systems, the thermocouple. For more advanced furnace systems, the circuit control board can also help do diagnostics testing on your furnace, communicating with an HVAC specialist, and yourself, on how the whole system is performing.

HVAC Relay Replacement

Relays are basically a switch in your HVAC system that is in charge of turning on the high voltage parts of the system. This includes the motors and compressors. Your relay works with your thermostat, giving the thermostat an open channel to communicate what you want from your system. When your relay is damaged, the communication channel becomes closed and the thermostat is no longer able to tell the system what it wants. Not to mention that the motors and the compressors will fail as well.

ECM Motors Replacement

ECM stands for Electronically Communicated Motors, they help control the speed and power of the blower. ECM motors are a recent invention which has increased the productivity of your system.

HVAC Hard Start Kits Replacement

If you have ever heard your AC unit begin to click or stutter, this is a sign that it is having a hard time starting up. This can be caused by a weakened compressor, which is the heart of your system. When this happens, it is necessary to contact an HVAC specialist, like your team at Superior Comfort to help you install a new hard start kit to get your system back up and running.

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If you notice that your HVAC unit is beginning to struggle, don’t wait for it to completely crash on you. You can help save yourself from discomfort and save money by tackling the problem early. If you are looking for an HVAC specialist in Howell Township, NJ to help bring your unit back from the brink of death, call your team at Superior Comfort by dialing 908-596-0153. We will be able to do a diagnostics test to help you figure out what is wrong with your HVAC unit and be able to do a heater parts replacement, if that is what is needed.