Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

AC Units Are A Blessing In The Summer, But A Curse When They Break Down

We know when it comes to your AC unit, you may know that it helps keep you cool, but that is probably the extent of your knowledge. When your AC unit gives out on you, not knowing what the problem is or how much it is going to cost to get it fixed can cause some stress for you and your family. When it comes to repairing your AC or installing an AC Parts Replacement in Howell Township, NJ, turn to the dedicated team of HVAC specialists Superior Comfort. We know AC units like the back of our hand, and our familiarity with them allows us to quickly spot the problem and provide an effective repair. We guarantee that your unit will be up and running strong, setting you back on the path of having a cool home, and leaving the heat outside. If you would like to talk to one of our representatives about getting an estimate on your A/C parts replacement, then contact us at 908-596-0153.

Air Conditioner Parts Replacements And Repairs

In order to honor our dedication to excellence, we have committed ourselves into being able to service your whole A/C Unit, and not just the common repairs. That is why we offer both repairs and replacements, allowing us to solve your air conditioning problem, no matter the caliber of the damages. Here is a little about the replacements and repairs we offer;

AC Compressor Replacement and Repair

Get Your A/C Maintenance Done Regularly To Avoid Costly Repairs

An AC compressor is the heart of your unit, pumping refrigerant throughout your AC unit. It pumps refrigerant to the rest of the unit, allowing for the other units to create the cool air that you eventually feel. Just like your heart, if there is a clog, break, or leak in the veins/arteries, then your compressor will have a hard time getting the refrigerant to the rest of the unit.

Air Conditioner Fan Repair and Replacement

The fan in your air conditioner is designed to remove hot air from your home and send it through the condenser where it circulates through the furnace and picks up the evaporated refrigerant. This process results in the air cooling down.

Causes Of An Air Conditioner Fan Malfunction

A capacitor is used to store energy and then allocate that energy towards the fan. If the capacitor begins to malfunction, then the fan will not have enough energy to start, which can cause your whole unit to overheat.

The contactor in your AC unit is a like a switch, and it controls the communication between the compressor and the fan, letting them know when to turn on. The contactor naturally wears down overtime, which may cause your fan to miss the signal to come on.

The fan motor controls the power of your fan and allows it to run. If not properly taken care of, your fan motor can fail which results in the fan itself failing.

AC Coil Cleaning & Replacement

The A/C coil, also known as the evaporator coil, is in charge of taking the heat from the fan and cooling it with the refrigerant. A/C coils need proper cleaning regularly to ensure that the system remains running smoothly, and nothing gets in the way of refrigerants’ evaporation process. Regular cleaning should be done by a professional, such as someone from your team at Superior Comfort. This way you can know for sure that the job is done correctly and that the coil doesn’t accidentally become damaged.

AC Capacitors Repair And Replacements

As mentioned earlier, your AC’s capacitor helps create a reliable communication channel for your compressor and the fan. If the capacitor malfunctions, then the whole AC unit is in danger of shutting down. It is recommended that you get the capacitor checked yearly.

Air Conditioner Parts And Replacements

Don’t Be A “Fan” Of A Broken AC

When you are noticing a problem with your air conditioning unit and need someone to help you get it running efficiently in Howell Township, NJ, then call Superior Comfort at 908-596-0153.

We are known for our excellent customer service, quick response time, and professionalism. We make sure that your air conditioning is running strong, because we know a life without air conditioning is not “cool.”