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Propane Is the Primary Fuel Source for an LP Gas Heating System.

LP gas heating system is run off of propane as compared to natural gas. A propane gas heating system in some areas can help you save money on your energy bill which is why it is becoming a popular option among homeowners. If you are looking to install an LP gas heating system in your home but are not sure which company can help you install it, then look no further than the team at Superior Comfort. Our dedicated team has been helping the people of Howell Township, NJ achieve their superior comfort for years, and we are willing to help you too! Just call us at 908-596-0153 for your consultation.

LP Gas Heating System Information’

There are a lot of mixed facts about an LP gas heating system and it can be confusing to some homeowners. For example, it is important to keep in mind that a propane unit is not possible for all areas due to the availability or propane. In order to help you decide whether switching to a propane energy source would be right for you, we have broken down the known facts about LP gas heating systems.

Cost: There are many people out there whom will claim that propane is the cheapest option of the non-electrical heating types, but this is only partially true. The truth is that the price of propane changes with the market, and while at some times it is cheaper than gas, it has the possibility to be more expensive than both. It just depends on availability.

Efficiency: When it comes to energy efficiency, propane is the leader as innovations have allowed it to cut down on energy use by ridding the need of a pilot light and replacing it with an electronic ignition.

Installation: Propane tanks can easily be installed to any gas or electric furnace, switching them over to an LP gas heating unit. Not only that, but there is very little maintenance required for an LP gas heating system.

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