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Asthma Is a Huge Health Concern With Impure Air.

The quality of the air inside your home can have some major implications on your health. Clean fresh air allows your body to get a full breath of pure oxygen and continue working hard to ensure that you are accomplishing all the goals you had set out for the day. On the other hand, if you have poor indoor air quality that has been contaminated with radon or mold, you will find that your body begins to feel weak or in some cases, sick. Either having good or poor indoor air quality all stems on your HVAC unit’s air filtration system.

If you have noticed a recent and unexplained decline in your health or know that your air filter needs to be cleaned or changed then call your trusted team of HVAC specialists at Superior Comfort in Howell Township, NJ. We will work quickly to ensure that your air filtration is fixed so that it can run at full capacity to keep you and your family breathing fresh air. You can reach us by dialing 908-596-0153.

What Causes the Indoor Air Quality to Become Contaminated?

The quality of the air inside your business or home is all reliant on how the environment, the furnishings, your air filtration system, and the activities going on inside your home or business interact with each other.

Your HVAC system is in charge of controlling the temperature, air circulation, ventilation, and humidity within your work or home environment. If one of these elements gets thrown off, it begins to affect the quality of the air you breathe.

For those with Asthma, trying to breathe in an environment that is both humid and has air-born contaminates is like trying to breathe through a wet sock. It doesn’t work very well. If left untreated, the negative effects of poor air quality can lead to hospitalization.

It is important to have regular maintenance done on your HVAC system, to ensure that it is not the primary cause of the poor air within your home. If you are noticing any changes in the feel of your environment, it is essential that you call a team of HVAC specialists, like our team at Superior Comfort, to help you solve the problem before it turns into a larger health concern.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

If you are feeling like you have constant allergies or you are finding it hard to breathe, it might be time to get your indoor air quality testing done. This test is done to rule out air contaminants as a reason that you are feeling ill. HVAC specialists, like our stupendous team at Superior Comfort, will be able to check your HVAC system and your air filtration system, to ensure that everything is working properly. If it isn’t, then they will be able to move on with the appropriate repairs to ensure that your system is able to effectively clean your air. This will keep everyone in your home or business breathing happy and healthy.

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We know that your family or employees mean a lot to you. In order to help keep them safe, it is important to have a grasp on the quality of air that is circulating throughout your home. If the air quality is poor then so will the health of those you care about. If it is time to have your indoor air quality tested or for your whole home/business air filtration system to become serviced in Howell Township, NJ then call Superior Comfort today at 908-596-0153 for your free consultation.